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Hello Again

Well, I've decided in the meantime to update for once.

Lots of crap going on.  I've been super sick a lot lately.  Then we found mold growing where we sleep, not more than a foot away from our heads.  So we're moving.

Moe and Larry are two peas in a pod, they get along very well and although Moe tends to bite on Larry a lot, he's also very protective of her.  He pushes other kids away from her, telling them "no" and I'm slightly worried but otherwise amused.

Husband's diabetes is growing into a problem, though he's still taking Metformin.  He's up to twice a day now.

I finally found the strength to tell off my MIL and pissed her off pretty good, and have informed husband that she is not allowed to come to the new place, should we get it.  I've pretty much started giving her the silent treatment when she mentions our new place.

Right now we're applying for a loan after having found a house and bid on it.  Hoping that by October I will be out of this skanky trailer and into an actual house.  Husband is alternating between confidence and paranoia.  I think his behavior is worse than the tension from not knowing whether or not we can get the loan.  I'm excited because there is literally a baseball field and park in the back yard of this house.

Found mold growing on Larry's toys, getting paranoid myself.  Every time I go into the back bedroom I start itching.  Gotta get some boxes to pack things up in there soon.

Oh, and Moe still isn't talking much though Larry's first word was "teeth" and she continues to surprise me by aping "good job" and "cat".

At any rate, I'm going to try to continue updating until we move, though I may not have internet service for a while after we move.  I'll do my best.

No Time

I have no time left to attend to my journal, I'm sorry.  I will hopefully come back soon. 

The Best Toys

...aren't really toys at all.

Moe is driving us all batty and Larry is doing well.  LJ still won't let me log in and stay logged in, I'm not sure what's up with that yet.  It's not the computer---I've switched to my laptop and it's still doing it.

At any rate, we're dealing with the house getting broken.  The water heater went and we all got sick except for husband and have been sick for like two weeks.  It's driving me insane because the kids won't sleep and I haven't been getting any personal time because I'm sick and have to sleep extra.  Also we're falling behind on chores since I'm not sleeping in the bedroom---the water heater is wetting the floor and it's making us sicker.  I can't get proper sleep on the couch and it makes my back hurt something fierce.

I have an appointment to talk to a surgeon, hopefully my insurance will cover me.  It should, since it covered for a friend of ours who had a worse operation.  If it doesn't then I'm going to ask our doctor for some painkillers in case I get an attack, because there is no way I can continue to have gallbladder attacks and deal with two small children.  If it doesn't cover me it's totally bullshit that they would allow me to possibly get a gallbladder infection and potentially die.   The gov'ment works, right?

I gotta go do laundry.  Later.


If one more person says I'm lucky, I might just scream.

Between all the bad luck we've been having lately, with my horrible accident and tubal ligation problems and the gallstones, not to mention that I have a doctor's appointment to get referral for surgery on Monday, I've been losing my temper with Moe due to his continued bad behavior which is exacerbated by the husband. Husband is being incredibly annoying right now because he expects Moe to listen to him all the time and not some of the time, like some programmable robot.

And he gets angry with Moe whne he doesn't listen, and then he yells. So I get angry with husband and I mope around the house all day and get nothing done. The house is falling apart right now because I don't have the energy to do anything except hang out and watch TV and be annoyed. I dunno, usually when I get angry I go clean stuff, but right now I guess I'm not angry but unhappy.

Real lucky, huh?

Brain Be

Haven't been posting because Livejournal is being super horrible about letting me log in and stay logged in.  Dunno what's up with that.

Larry is smiling and happy and well.  Moe is having night terrors, though.  Can't really say why, other than maybe having a little sister is causing it.  We're trying to weather the storm.

I keep having gallstones and I fell onto a baby gate and cracked my ass, which was fun super yay time.  I couldn't walk or stand up or sit down for like a week.  Let's just say that a bouncy red ball was my downfall and I'm not very happy with that.  Did you know your coccyx can be surgically removed?

Also I've started having nightmares.  So even more fun times.  My brain be tripping me up.  I think it does that to reiterate the point of survival---I'm having bad dreams about husband doing some things I'd rather he not (not that I'm a jealous person on the outside, but my brain apparently thinks I should be).  When I have bad dreams I wake up feeling like my world is ending, because apparently my dreams are stuck on End Boss Level and I'll never beat that game.

I want to get another kitty.

Tubal Ligation

As of yesterday I am no longer capable of producing babies the natural way.  This is the story of my tubal ligation.

Firstly, back when I was about 5 months pregnant, I began making inquiries about how to get fixed for good.  The doctors at the WWHC were reluctant to give me any information whatsoever, which pissed me off something fierce.  All I wanted was info at the time, and they couldn't even give me that.

Finally, when I pressed the issue every single appointment, they gave in and answered questions:  How old do you have to be, when can I sign the paperwork, etc.  It did not occur to me at that time that I would need to set up a separate appointment to actually be fixed since the one doctor told me they did tubals in office.  I assumed that I would be scheduled for one when the time came and dropped the issue completely after signing the paperwork.

Well, some miscommunication was there.  They do NOT do them at the Scottdale office as I was misinformed.  They do them in the Greensburg office which I do not go to.  They also have to set up a separate appointment for those.  So I was nearing tears because even though I managed to get info out of the doctors they did not inform me properly AT ALL.  Fortunately for me and thank goodness for Dr Nolfi who delivered Larry, I was able to get a last minute appointment on Thursday to have a laproscopic tubal ligation done.  Dr. Roba-something or other was the one who did it.

I went into the hospital at 2 pm, and got registered.  Went into preop and was asked a bajillion questions, naturally.  Apparently if you have coffee with creamer it counts against you drinking anything but clear liquids.  Then I went up to surgery and was given Versed (with directions to pump and dump later on, which I did). 

I remember being taken into the room and told to slide onto a table, but that's it.  The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery and being frozen to the bone.  Took me like an hour to recover from anesthesia.  Then I was wheeled out front and husband picked me up.

So from there I spent the next few hours trying to wake up.  To be honest, the pain of the tubal was worst when I was still recovering from being blown up like a balloon to have the surgery done.

I have to go now, the kids are acting up.  I'll add more to the story at some point, probably.


Although husband hasn't gone to the doctor yet due to previously mentioned scheduling issues, his sugars have gone down to 120 or lower after eating, all in favor of his condition regulating itself with diet and exercise.  He's pretty much convinced that the issue wasn't full blown diabetes, but actually his change at the time---he took three weeks off work for paternity leave/vacation and wasn't exercizing at all, and drinking a ton of carbonated drinks and all that.  So we're still going to the doctor because I will push that issue all the way to the bank, but it's looking terribly bright when it comes to the results.

Bad news though, he had to call MedExpress and yell at their corporate office because he got a bill from them for the additional kidney function test (of which they did not give him the results until he called and badgered them about).  Gotta say I'm not a big fan of MedExpress at all now.  We were told at the window when we paid that any additional tests done in their office within the 10 days after the visit (including the visit) would be covered by the $115 we paid then.  Yet we still got a bill from them for this test?  Shifty.

Larry is growing like a weed, and is doing well as far as eating and all that.  Moe adores her, but can be a little enthusiastic about it.  We're working on "gentle" right now.  And STOP.  That one's taking a bit.

She looks so much like her brother...


I've been nothing but a ray of sunshine lately, I know.  Forgive me, I'm a new mom again.  Also, houseguests.  And cranky husband.

We found out why husband was so cranky.  Ironically, it was the days before my birthday that he started exhibiting symptoms of diabetes.  Well, guess what.

So things are a little angry and in denial at the moment.  I fully anticipate once husband goes to a doctor who will listen to his fears, he should calm down some.  He was superbly pissed at the people of MedExpress because apparently they offer a diabetes screening that is simply a blood stick, which is what he'd been doing for the past four days prior to visiting.  They do offer the A1C test but it's an additional $85 on top of the blood stick and physical which costs $115.  We were testing his sugar at his dad's house because father-in-law already has the equipment.

Problem is he can't go to the doctor he wants and who is highly recommend until October, so right now we're unsure what to do other than maintain a lowered blood sugar and test his sugars frequently.  The last few days it hasn't gone above 300, so we're hoping that he can stick it out---at least until he can get insurance or go see Dr. Canada.  We've already begun researching low carb meals and snacks.  And we're making sure he doesn't do anything stupid.

It's kind of silly but watching husband check his sugar seems so familiar and he appears to be completely at ease with it.  He hopes we can get him on medicine but not insulin because he does not want insulin (he believes it to be associated with diabetics whose blood sugars cannot lower on their own, whereas his do regularily). 

Future, please be bright.

Nighttime is Not Funtime

Last night was not very fun at all. 

I changed five diapers and put Moe back to bed at least four times; I've got a migraine from my teeth.  Turns out the latest reline was not as form fitting as the last one, so now my dentures are sliding in my mouth and if I wear paste it squeezes my gums so tightly I get headaches.  I've had this one since yesterday morning.

Added that I was supposed to get up in the morning and go to a new appointment for getting a new reliner but had to call and reschedule after I slept past the alarm clock (husband turned it off at some point because I vaguely remember asking him to).  So it  was not a a successful morning.

One day at a time.  At least husband got to put his schedule back to normal.